Saturday, December 04, 2010

A York Update

On my month long trip to Europe, I had a chance to visit my daughter, who is doing a semester abroad in Manchester. My husband met my daughter and I in Manchester and then we ventured to York.

York was beautiful.  All the buildings were so old, and each seemed to emit an ancient history. It was a small town but had so much to offer. Monuments that accented the streets were a muse for the form and body of the collection I'm working on now. 

Of course I stopped by the souvenir shops and the typical English pubs, we even went on one of those tour buses around the city. It gave me a great opportunity to see the all the little nooks of the city, but what really caught me was the architechture and history of this little town... 
Family photo in York

York City Double Decker Tourist Bus - So fun!


This river runs through the city

I love the earth and stone tones

The landscape is so green and vibrant

Tour boats travel the river

Just beautiful!

Well, like I said, we stayed in Manchester while visiting my eldest daughter. Manchester University has to be one of the most stunning college campuses I've seen. Again, the architecture is amazing, and there is such a mix of old and modern that work harmoniously - I want to incorporate this aspect into my jewelry.

What I really enjoyed in Manchester though was seeing my daughter! We had such a great time, and I'm so happy her opportunity for study abroad brought me to visit England. Here's a few pictures to close out my post.... enjoy!

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