Thursday, September 01, 2011

Adventure in Graphic Design... Help?!

Back in January I hired a young successful graphic designer to create for me a logo and marketing materials. He ended up abandoning me after stringing me a long for half a year.  Professional and successful!? HA! Words can not express the frustration and dissppointment I felt when he sent me the final email stating he could no longer work on the project. Reaaaaal professional. He had sent me a few sample logos and I have since then decided on using one of those samples. So in the end, after seven months, he never even created the logo I truly wanted. Thank god I never paid him. Now, I am left with a logo saved in an adobe illustrator format and nothing else. I couldn't even open this logo on my laptop up until a few days ago when my daughter downloaded a free trial of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Now I can open my logo but I have zero clue on how to create a business card, tags, or a mailer. Nada, zilch. Neither does my 22 year old daughter who claims to have taken digital photography classes and grew up on the computer.What now!

Even though this sounds daunting everything will turn out well... right? I have a free trial of Photoshop and Illustrator on my computer and 20 something days left to create my materials before the trials expire. Wish me luck!

Do you recommend any tutorials for using these programs for creating my own marketing materials? Or just any tutorials on them in general?


  1. Oh boy...your post is a deja vu for me! I had a similar, really unpleasant experience hiring a so-called graphic designer to do a logo for me many years ago. She took forever, and finally I told her to just quit. The work she did produce was worthy of an elementary school student and useless to me. I ended up using my own design, which turned out better than what she did. The worst part is that she tried to charge me $300. It went to small claims court because I refused to pay for something I never received.

    If you can only open the file in Adobe, it's probably a .psd file, which can only be read by Adobe products. What you'll need to do is just save it as another file format - either .gif or .jpeg - so it can be used outside of those programs.

    Hope that helps, and good luck!

  2. Ha, that sounds like a nightmare! I'll definitely do that. Your blog is great, you some very night work. Thanks for your help!