Monday, January 17, 2011

A Santa Cruz Mini-Break of Inspiration

This weekend I drove down to Santa Cruz to visit my eldest daughter at her new apartment and it was the perfect weekend to do so.

The weather here has been foggy and cold for over a month, and I was happily surprised to find that the sun had come out for my day long vacation. It felt like summer again and the warmth, sun and sand fed my imagination for new pieces. It was so relaxing to feel the sand beneath my boots and the sun on my face. I hope to create jewelry that will evoke that 'day-at-the-beach' bliss.

The jagged cliffs falling into the coast brings such a natural contrast to life and I want to incorporate that to my pieces as well.

Not only did our beach adventure get my mind thinking about new creations, but spending time with my vibrant and enthusiastic daughter made me want to include a more care-free attitude to my works.

The day was beautiful, relaxing and brought many new ideas to the forefront for my spring/summer collection. Thank you Santa Cruz for such a lovely mini-break vacation!

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